Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here we go again...

So, it would appear that what was looking like a torn MCL is now actually a torn ACL...that's right, the same ACL that I tore in February 2004 and had replaced last June. This was the worst possible news I could hear.

The surgeon wants to see me next Friday again once the swelling is down and I've been able to walk on it. Then he'll figure out what to do. But he said that he suspects it's the ACL and that it'll probably require another surgery. He also thought I might have damaged some cartilage.

I was handling this fairly well until I got that news. Now I'm wondering what, if anything, is God trying to tell me. I'm also wondering what this does to the plans for the next 6 months. We have a missions trip to Mexico in August and NYWC in September. I was also thinking of starting some seminary classes.

The only good news right now is that I can start trying to walk again and get rid of the crutches. It's painful, but it also means that I can drive again. It's been two weeks since I could drive. Maybe now I can actually do some things around the house and actually take some of the burden off my wife. At least till I go under the knife. Then I'll be a big wimp again.

Anyway,two ACL surgeries within one year...that can't be normal.

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