Friday, May 27, 2005

It's official...

Monday at 2:00pm I have surgery on my left knee. The plan is to remove whatever might be preventing my knee from fully extending. My surgeon says it could be torn ACL fibres, a piece of the miniscus, or a piece of torn cartilage. I know, that really narrows it down, eh?

He also still thinks I've torn my ACL which will once again need to be repaired once I recover from the surgery on Monday. Depending on what they find, the rehab could take up to 2 months. That would mean ACL replacement in early September, which really messes up the plans for NYWC in Sacramento.

So, I wait for Monday's surgery which will prepare me for yet another surgery somewhere down the road. Whatever happens, this really puts life on hold.

This can't be normal...

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