Monday, October 15, 2007

Blessings on ya...

Be blessed.
Bless you.
Have a blessed day.

I'm officially no longer sure what a "blessing" actually is. What does it mean to have someone wish you a blessed day? What does it mean when someone thinks that a free magazine they get for signing up for a mailing list is a blessing? What does it mean when we hope that people will be blessed?

I think the word is overused and losing all meaning. Your thoughts?

Great cartoon from ASBO Jesus:

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Tara said...

AMEN!!!!! Oh, I SO agree. The phrase is actually starting to drive me crazy. What DOES it mean anyway? I think it is just the Christian equivalent to "peace man" like the hippies used to say. All we need is a cool hand gesture, like the peace sign, to go with it.
Christian culture is... so.... bizarre.