Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Randomness...

I did squat all today besides biking up a mountain. Which, if I'm truthful, should really be described as "walking up a mountain" and "sliding down trails in between wiping out". And now, here's a summary of all things important (or not so important) to me:
  • Go welcome Brad to the blogging world...and wish him a happy birthday
  • My blog poll showed that 3 out of 9 of you want me to post about online relationships
  • I'm currently working on previously mentioned blog post
  • Turkey dinner is tomorrow
  • I dropped my iPod and now it's slow
  • I'm on the hunt for soft ground football boots...which do you recommend? (maybe a poll is necessary)
  • My Habs are on a winning streak
  • The Red Devils play tomorrow
  • Watched my Bombers get beat by BC...blah

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