Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Suggestions needed...

I haven't been satisfied with music releases lately. Part of my Tuesday morning ritual is always to swing over to the music store on iTunes and fin out what has just been released. Apparently Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys just released new albums this week. Huh?!?! Did I just flashback to the 90's and someone forgot to tell me? Who lets these people make music?

I could use some help. I need some new tunes. It doesn't have to necessarily be current. It could be obscure. I just need something good. And I know that's such a subjective thing, but I promise I will try to give all suggestions a legitimate listen.

Your suggestions?


Bryce Ashlin-Mayo said...

I suggest something from my favorite band: "Acoustic Skyline." I am not sure if they have an album on iTunes yet but I'm sure it is only a matter of time.

Knotter said...

A tear just came to my eye.


Ben said...

Being a music guy I'm sure you already have Damien Rice - O. He's definitely a favourite. If you like jazzy influenced stuff Jamie Cullum - TwentySomething is a great album. If you want something obscure, go to . He's Jon's old room-mate but don't hold that against him. ;-) His stuff is great.

ben said...

One other one occurred to my while I was out grocery shopping: apparently the new Interpol album, "Our Love to Admire" is pretty spectacular too. I haven't heard much of it yet, but it's getting rave reviews everywhere I read.

Kerry said...

Here's a few that I have really fallen in love with:

- Keep No Score by Sleeping at Last
- New Amsterdam by Counting Crows
- Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! by Hellogoodbye
- Any of "The Album Leaf" stuff
- There Will Be A Light by Ben Harper
- Vehicles and Animals by Athlete
- Please Come Home by Dustin Kensrue
- Twilight by Future of Forestry
- Paper Route by Paper Route
- Give Up by Postal Service
- Winter Pays For Summer by Glen Phillips
- Fear, or Coil by Toad The Wet Sprocket
- Them by PFR (The Bass Player is our worship leader).

I know that's a ton, and most of the other stuff I'd recommend, I know you already like (DMB). Hope that keeps you busy. You really must check out Sleeping At Last - The song "Needle and Thread" got me hooked (especially as I had it playing when my son was born) but the album is SO beautiful!

Derek said...

Eddie Vedder's new solo work.

jon or angie said...

Try CBC RADIO 3 New Music Canada listings to find:
Patrick Watson
Matthew A. Wilkinson
Sarah Harmer
Joel Plaskett