Monday, October 15, 2007

Random recaps are fun...

Sorry. I have a blog post about "online relationships" that I still need to get around to, but I'm just not feeling it these days. So I'm opting for something way more mind-numbing and highlight a few things. There is no specific reason for any of this except that it is worthy of a Monday morning mention.
  • Radiohead is giving their new album away for whatever price you want to pay.
  • Visit "The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus" for some thought provoking cartoons.
  • Lots of free images and graphics at this site (although we could probably engage in a discussion on how exactly a photo can be "Christian").
  • Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize and my wife is....well...she's....(insert your word here)
  • I read "Three" by Ted Dekker and I'm ticked off that I spent the time reading it. I'd ask for my money back on this book, except I got it as a freebie at some outlet book store.
  • We had someone candidate for a pastoral position here this past weekend. And he's a Manchester United fan!
  • You can now be an "emerging parent" (h/t to EV)
  • I've taken to watching the NFL. I wondered why they had a green dot on the back of the QB's helmet, and now I know thanks to Scot McKnight's ability to ask the question on his blog.
  • My coffee is now finished and I have 15 things to do today...I should get on it.


jon or angie said...

they guy with the green dot on the back of his helmet is the one with the functioning headset on the field. you aren't allowed to have two guys on the field with a headset in their helmet, so the QBs have the green dot on their helmet so that you can't throw two of them on the field at once and have the guy with the ball telling the other guy what kind of pass-pattern to run.

Knotter said...

I should have thought to ask you in the first place Jon. So when you coming over to watch a game? Feel free to bring the family with you too!

Benyamen said...

So, you're an NFL guy now eh? Who's your team? As you've heard before probably I'm a terminal Bears fan. There is no cure to my madness, but I've accepted that fact and I treat it with NFL Sunday Ticket.
Have you been bitten by the fantasy football bug yet? If not than you may have to give that a try next season.

Knotter said...

Well, I won't say "NFL guy" yet. I only just watched my first complete game. As for fantasy football, I have enough trouble keeping up to date with fantasy teams in the leagues that I do follow regularly.