Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday & stuff...

We got back late Wednesday night from Kelowna and our District Staff Retreat. All I will say is that Kelowna is definitely not Banff. But it was still nice to get away. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with some old friends, hang out with my network guys (and their wives), catch up on some sleep (I didn't attend a single morning session), and eat. I also spent a good portion of time with our new young adult's pastor (a good guy and fellow Manchester United fan).

And since our babysitting service was only available until Wednesday night we had to come back early (retreat usually ends Thursday morning) so we could drive the kids to school on Thursday morning. We also had an appointment to take the car in so it could get patched up from our latest incident involving negligent BC drivers. Incidentally we're now driving a Chrysler Sebring for the next week or two.

All in all I'll give the retreat one thumb up, 2 stars and a twinkie.

But back to real life now.

My goals for the wonderful Friday:
  • Purchase coffee (accomplished)
  • Read something
  • Blog (almost accomplished)
  • Play guitar
  • Build Lego
And for a random photo, here's what I've been spending a fair bit of time playing with lately. I'm having some trouble getting the whole setup plugged into the PC though.

Any suggestions?


Bryce Ashlin-Mayo said...

One word: "Mac"

Knotter said...

And three words of response:

"Send me money"