Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Should have seen it coming...

Last Wednesday was a great night with my students.

So, what happens tonight?


Only half the students that signed up for worship team show up.

The computer swallows iTunes.

The illustration video had it's dubbing completely off.

The sound system had a major glitch and wouldn't play any sound from the laptop, so we had to run cables and rig up something that would work.

There was a lack of focus from the students.

The leaders were grouping together.

The teacher took FOREVER to get going.

(That was me, by the way.)


There's always next week.
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brad said...

Mike - I hate those days and they never come at the right time (if there's a right time for any of this). I usually look back at those days and thank God that people came back ... which they will. Just offer food!

Knotter said...

i'll send you the bill for all the steaks i bought for this wednesday.