Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snooze alarm...

I got a new alarm clock as a birthday gift (amongst some other stuff I don't deserve but am grateful to have received) on Tuesday.

I set it up and guess what happened Wednesday morning? It didn't go off.

I read the instruction manual (go figure) last night and tried again.

This morning it went off. I proceed to hit snooze. This is an important fact because I am a HUGE supporter of the snooze button. Much to the general annoyance of the woman I share a bed with.

So I close my eyes and head back for what I can only assume will be a great 9 minutes of near bliss.

But there's one problem. It's a fairly significant problem too. Apparently Sony has arbitrarily decided to make my snooze only 5 minutes long!


That's not a snooze. That's a long blink. That doesn't count. And now I've been robbed of future snoozing.

I'm curious, are you a proponent of a 9 minute "proper snooze" or the 5 minute "long blink snooze"?


unmentionables said...

Do not go near the snooze button issue. We found a wonderful clock that has a very distinct chime and unfortunately by the third time that Blaine hits snooze the entire family is awake. Needless to say I am not a snooze button fan.

erin said...

maybe sony is trying to tell you not to be lazy in the morning?

Anonymous said...

I must admit I am a militant anti-snoozeite. Nothing robs you or your housemates of valuable minutes than the snooze bar. If you want the extra nine minutes, why not just set the alarm nine minutes later and then get up when it goes off?

Knotter said...

i should point out that going right back to sleep after waking up is a freedom that i enjoy. why create the snooze button unless someone else feels the same.

apparently you 3 are just anti-snoozites.

jon said...

if i'm going to snooze, five minutes is not enough. basically it is a slap in the face from sony.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my snooze but detest Jarno's. When his goes off he gets the old elbow in the ribs. But I can hit snooze a billion times. Nothing feels better than to hit the snooze button and know you can fall blissfully asleep again for even just a couple minutes in the warmth of my nice bed. LOVE IT!
But I know what you mean about the 5 min thing. My old clock=9min but I just recently (also got a Sony) got a new one=5min. But look at it this way... you can just hit snooze a few extra times. LOVE THAT SNOOZE BUTTON. And come on Mike... you know you fall asleep again in those 5 short minutes....
Happy snoozing,