Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book # 16...

Mad Church Disease
Anne Jackson

I'm starting a new list of books that must be read every year and this one is going on the list. As someone who has experienced countless sleepless nights and even an occasional panic attack, I'm well aware of some of the burnout that can come from working for a church.

I'm also thankful that I haven't been wiped completely off the map by it. But to stay that way I need to take some precautions.

This book will not only be a wake up call for many in ministry, but I think it will save lives.

If you are in ministry, do yourself a favor and go buy the book. Seriously. Do it.


jon said...

Dude, I am thrilled to see that you've picked up GK's Orthodoxy. I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts once you've read it.

knotter said...

i hope i don't disappoint.

it's actually partly because of all your chesterton talk that i decided it would be a good impulse buy when i saw it.