Saturday, April 04, 2009

Catching up...

The week in review:
  • Started a new teaching series for our students called Coffeehouse Theology. We based the idea on the book of the same name that I'm currently working my way through.
  • Almost had a drunk homeless man take a swing at me 10 minutes after hugging me for finding him a way to stay out of the rain.
  • The Habs have really turned things around and I'd like to think they could really make some progress in the post season if things keep clicking.
  • Welcomed home some friends from their YWAM trip with a spaghetti supper. It's great to share some laughs and reconnect after not seeing them for so many months.
  • Trying to buy some guitar pedals. I've got my eye on a few Craigslist leads, but we'll see if things work out.
  • Watched my son completely break down in tears when he lost most of his money in last night's Monopoly game to his mom. To be honest, I almost cried 30 minutes earlier when she took all my money too.
  • Where was Becca during the game? Washing the dishes. Sure, if I was her boss I would have fired her for not actually cleaning anything. But hey, she wanted to do it. You can't say no to that, right?
  • Watched Liverpool score in the final minutes their game which keeps the pressure on United to keep winning. No more slip ups.
  • Hung out with the soccer boys today and had a BBQ. I like these guys, and while I can get frustrated with our lack of skill at times, I do like hanging out with these guys.

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