Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Midsummer Update...

A little bit of recap mixed with a little bit of looking ahead, here's my world in a nutshell (in no particular order):
  • Got new (at least to us) wheels. It was a freebie from some AMAZING friends! I'll post some pics soon.
  • Listening to Owl City
  • Reading Looking Up by Michael J Fox
  • Also reading Kurt & Scott's Junior High Adventure
  • Gearing up for some student ministry changes for the fall. Stay tuned!
  • Trying to get our events calendar and teaching schedule lined up.
  • Gearing up for some Sunday morning service changes for fall.
  • Celebrating 11 years with an amazing woman.
  • Trying to fix my PC graphics card. Turns out I'll get a new one for free because of a recall.
  • Awaiting the official start of a new EPL season.
  • Heading out to speak at Camp Kawkawa for a couple of days early next week.
  • Still washing and drying tents in my backyard.
  • Preparing for the wedding of two of our friends that I'm residing over next weekend.
  • Fixed a shower, even though I'm not entirely convinced that it's not leaking somewhere that I can't see.
  • Heading out for a night on the town with some friends to watch some improv.

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