Friday, September 11, 2009

Book #34...

Jesus Loves You This I Know
Craig Gross & Jason Harper

Who does Jesus love? Me? You?

Has the phrase "Jesus loves you" been stripped of all meaning?

This book was an excellent reminder that those words still have significance. Jesus loves you. And me. He loves the ones that don't fit. He loves the ones that do. He loves the ones with all the baggage and the ones who pretend they don't have any. He loves the broken and the jaded, the passionate and the boring. He loves the lost and the found.

Through a variety of first hand experiences, Craig and Jason share how they have come to believe that Jesus loves everyone. The porn stars, the crooks, the drunks, the religious elite. Jesus loves them. And these two guys are willing to live that out, even when it gets difficult.

Having grown up in the church, and having been personally wounded in the past by those who claim to love Jesus, the hardest hitting chapter dealt with the fact that Jesus loves the "religious". You know...the fundamentalists. The ones who claim they know Jesus the best. The ones who's lives are often seem to be filled with the least love.

Yes, He loves them too. And by default, I am called to love them.

Yeah...I'm a work in progress.

This was a great book with a reminder that many of us need on a daily (or maybe hourly) basis. At least, I know I need it.

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