Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No more summer...

Arriving back in Abbotsford late last night (actually, this morning) after being in LA for the weekend was kind of like getting slapped in the face with a cold, wet, dead fish after spending a weekend not getting hit in the face with a cold, wet, dead fish.

(I was never really good at analogies.)

It's cold, wet and cloudy here. It wasn't in LA. (Smoggy, yes. But 30+ degree weather usually burns that off.)

I originally hoped to do a little more blogging from the NYWC, but I got sidetracked by spending time with my wife and processing all that I was taking in.

In the weekend I was challenged, irritated, encouraged, overjoyed, amused, entertained, taught, bored, tired, excited and emotional. The marks of a good weekend where my heart and mind were fully engaged.

It was a weekend where I didn't feel out of place because of what I do.

A weekend where I was reminded to keep doing what I do.

A weekend surrounded by others who get it.

A weekend where I didn't feel too old or too young.

A weekend I love to be part of.

And now it's back to the cold and the wet. But I'm not bummed about it. I'm excited. I'm looking forward to diving back into the mix with my leaders, my students and my church. (Well...actually Jesus' church, but you know what I mean.)

So, a heartfelt thank-you to the crew at Youth Specialties. These weekends are a highlight of my year and I am grateful for how God has worked in my life through these times.

If you've never been and you work with students, just go. Next year: Nashville.

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