Saturday, September 12, 2009

Start of the season...

My soccer team had its first official exhibition game of the season. Lots of new faces meant that we spent the first 15-20 minutes scrambling as we tried to figure out positions and how guys play.

We were 1 down in no time flat. when a ball didn't get cleared out of the box after a corner kick.

Then a little while later I got sent into the top left of the box with a through ball. I couldn't reach it, so I slid in and tried to chip it up with my left. And to my luck, the keeper was sliding out toward me and the ball just sailed over his head and into the net.

Then they scored. Then we scored. Then they scored. Then we scored.

Then I got free on a run and fired one in on goal but the keeper kicked out the save. As I chased down the ball I got taken down by their defender. He managed to connect with my inner thigh and my calf at the same time. It's was a brutal play that should have brought out a card, but the ref must have felt generous.

So it's 3-3, and after a quick break on the side I head back out on the field. Then I get sprung by another great through ball only to hear the whistle. Offside. What?!?! No where close to offside. The ref is apparently making the call from 40 yards away.

Then a minute later I pounce on a mistake by their keeper and a defender. I look up, see their keeper way off his line and figure it's worth a try from 35 yards. I hit it and it landed in the net.

Final, 4-3. Good start for the season, but I'm definitely feeling things now. I may be unable to walk tomorrow. And I think I need to start running, because I was sucking wind.

Good to be back on the pitch again.

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