Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adventures in Middle School...

Tuesday night is middle school night for me. It's a relatively new thing that we started in September sue to the fact that most of our grade 7&8 students were not connecting with what we were doing in the past few years.

It is often on Tuesday nights I learn some of the strangest things and just how funny those events can be. For example, one week the funny thing to do was toss shoes out the window into an empty parking lot after asking "Want to see a magic trick?"

Also, farting is always funny with middle school boys. Girls? Not so much.

Couch jumping is almost an Olympic sport.

Tonight I learned that if you take a foil gum wrapper, lick it, and then stick it to your forehead you will experience two things. First, it will start to burn/sting (although this fact will be disputed by some). Second, after removing the wrapper 5 minutes later you will have a red mark the exact size of the wrapper that remains on your forehead.


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