Saturday, February 13, 2010

Soccer Saturday...

We were playing for second place today. A win would put us in sole position behind the league leaders. We go up 1-0 on a nice pass from the side to one of our guys waiting right in front of the net.

A little while later I get a perfect pass on the right side. Their goalies charges out and I get a shot of from the edge of the 18 yard box that makes its way to the bottom left corner. It almost didn't have enough gas, but it got there. 2-0 and it's looking good for us.

But then with 15 minutes left I go to take a shot at a 50/50 ball. Their midfielder had the same idea...and with more pounds behind his shot, he neraly took my right foot of. Flashbacks of breaking my left ankle years ago.

I'm carried to the sidelines where I sit and watch helplessly as the other team got one goal back. And then with 4 minutes left they tied it. The guys held on to keep it tied, but it wasn't really much of a consolation.

I had a couple of guys drive my car home then headed off for x-rays. The doctor said he didn't think anything was broken but he wanted the x-ray doc to take a look at it because there was one thing he was unsure about.

So, we had to cancel an evening out and I've been parked on the couch.

Days like this I think I might be getting too old for this.

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Jon Coutts said...

no, never too old. Keep going. I'm jealous from the sidelines.