Monday, February 01, 2010


I ditched my Setanta subscription this year, so it's been a particularly painful football season where I have seen very few Manchester United games. But at long last we finally had a Sunday game that I was able to tape and then sit down to watch on Sunday afternoon.

I had some inner questions as to which United side would show up for this one, but I was pleasantly surprised and amused to see a team that if it stays in form, will no doubt give everyone an entertaining second half of the season. Ronaldo who?

Nani's goal was an impressive piece of skill to put them up 1-0, but the 2nd goal scored by Rooney was unbelievable! Just skip ahead to the 1:23 mark of the below video. A 70 yard sprint that ends with him pounding the ball into the back of the net. Who does that?!?!

Thank you Arsenal for another great memory of beating you.

Oh, and bring on the World Cup.

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