Sunday, June 07, 2009

Book #21...

The Principle of the Path
Andy Stanley

I had BIG expectations for this book. With Andy Stanley’s name was attached to, I was sold on it before I had even read the back cover or the endorsements. Then I started reading and I felt like the wind was getting sucked out of me. The first two chapters were almost reading like a self-help book.

“If you do this, then you will get this.”

“If you change this, this will happen.”

But then Stanley set the record state by stating outright that “This is not a self-help book.” Can the man see into my mind?!?! He completely addressed some of the skepticism that I was starting to feel since the start of the book, and for some reason that gave me enough hope to keep on reading.

I’ll admit that this doesn’t rank up there as my favorite book by Stanley, but nonetheless I find the premise and the content to be worthy enough of some reading time and some consideration for life choices.

The basic premise is that our intentions are not what will determine how our life ends up. Rather, it is the direction we are taking that will dictate (for the most part) where we end up. And, if that happens to be the case, then maybe we have a responsibility to do something about how we are living, particularly if we have an ending location in mind.

Makes sense for the most part, even though it still sounds a little too much like “self-help”. But it was a good read and it might just help give you some food for thought as to where your life is headed.

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