Monday, June 22, 2009


1. ...are you listening to lately?

2. ...are you in the midst of reading?

3. ...are you looking forward to?


benjskramer said...

1. If you mean really lately I just finished listening to Ryan Adams "Heartbreaker". If you just mean in general I've listening to quite a bit of Oh, Sleeper.

2. I am in the midst of reading a few books but right at the moment it is "Christianity's Dangerous Idea" by Alister McGrath. It's a pretty insightful look at Protestantism. If you really want to know what I'm reading you should check out and friend me.

3. I am looking forward to vacation for a couple weeks starting next week, but there's lots to do before then.

jon said...

1. Great Lake Swimmers "Lost Channels", Joel Plaskett "Three" and Coldplay "LeftRightLeft"

2. NT Wright "Surprised by Hope" and Karl Barth "Doctrine of Reconciliation"

3. Seeing you maybe in August?!?

Mike said...

1. Perry Noble (and Newspring's Sundays) - exciting stuff!

2. Just finished a biography of Poe and Malcolm Gladwell's Blink while I'm waiting for Youth Min 3.0, Simple Student Ministry, and Sustainable Youth Ministry to get here from Amazon.

3. The arrival of the Amazon order, leading worship at camp, a mission trip we're taking to an unknown place

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