Friday, June 26, 2009

My year end thoughts...

Sorry about that last post. Got a little trigger-happy with the "publish" button.

But here's something that has got me giddy as a school girl these days.

It's become apparent to a few of our student ministry leaders that our student ministry needs some tweaking in some significant places.

We've seen a year of stabilizing things.

Significant relationships, a growing music & worship band ministry, a Thursday afternoon trial drop in, new faces, a full time intern.

But, it has also been apparent that a few things need some extra attention. So yesterday, I sat down with Josh and Erin. We spent almost 4 hours talking student ministry. We reflected on the surveys that were returned from our students. We reflected on the parent meeting from Wednesday night. And we tried to sift.

We talked long term.

We talked about what was working.

We were honest about what was not working.

We dreamed.

We brainstormed.

We scribbled on a white board.

Ad you know what, we have some great things starting to come together. Things that get me excited and anxiously looking forward to fall.

Sure, we've got some leg work to do. Particularly in the area of recruiting leaders, but it's exciting.

And this is one of the things I love about my job.

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