Friday, November 20, 2009

How'd I miss this...

On our most recent California adventure in September we made our way down to Santa Monica so we could stick our feet in the ocean and check out the sights. Here's a few random pics that I forgot to post, but since they still make me chuckle I thought you could share in my joy.

Gold face painted robot dancing? This guy had quite the crowd huddle around him, especially when he started dancing semi-provocatively with any women who were willing. (But hey, how provocative can it be when you have gold paint on your face and you're making robot moves while the women are giggling uncontrollably?)

Jedi Knights in training?

Weekend group project? Whatever they were doing they clearly noticed my subtle attempt to photograph them. And they don't look too pleased.

Small group on the beach? Maybe. I'm also pretty sure the couple under the blanket nearby them would have been a distraction.

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