Monday, November 02, 2009

Date night & concert review...

It's like concert central for our family these last few weeks.

First it was Crowder, then it was U2 and last night it was Mat Kearney.

I bought these tickets for Erin back in August and surprised her on our anniversary. So this was almost like an anniversary date. We had also been given a sweet gift card to The Keg, so we opted for a very enjoyable steak dinner before heading over to The Venue for the show.

After my usual parking shenanigans (although I thankfully avoided driving down one way streets or over curbs...a la U2) we waited in line and made it in to hear a few songs by Vedera. Decent band. I'm always surprised when opening acts turn out to be good. It's kind of like going to watch a movie and then seeing a brand new movie trailer for an upcoming movie. It feels like you just got a 2-for-1.

Then we took in Kearney. Good music. We've been fans since his first album was released in 2004. And Erin once videotaped an entire acoustic concert of his so that I could watch at home because I missed out due to a knee surgery recovery.

This time, with a full band in tow, he put on a show and a half. I'd probably say that he's better live than on the CD, and I like his stuff on CD a lot. Good driving, working, and all around grooving tunes.

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