Saturday, November 28, 2009

I have a pet...

I checked out my Google analytics today and noticed that my blog viewership is down 26%. I guess the simple math is that when 4 people read your blog and 1 stops reading, the stats start to look an little ugly.

( math is right with that one, right?)

Anyways, I hear that having animal photos on your blog increases viewership. We shall soon find out.

We've had these two kittens hanging around the house since July.

Apparently they are "outside" cats who only head home during the night. So, they mostly just wander the neighborhood like teenagers without a car.

This one would regularly park himself outside our screen door on summer nights and beg for attention.

We would regularly give that attention because we are softies.

Well, that same cat has now officially adopted us and he is always at our house.

He'll regularly meet me at the top of our stairs before I make the journey down to our basement entrance.

He'll also sneak his way into the house anytime the door is open and is never in a hurry to get put back outside.

Last night, after a Black Friday adventure we found him waiting for us. So, he came in (via the open door we were transferring presents through) and we decided to let him wander around for a bit before setting him back outside,

We're calling him "Dog" and I refer to him as my pet who I don't have to feed or actually take care of.

Blog viewership may now increase.


Tarasview said...

tee hee... you are very funny! Hope the animal pictures work for ya :)

Jon Coutts said...

I used to view your blog twice a day. Now just once. Sorry, you've only ever had 3 readers.

I haven't looked at my google analytics in a couple years. Last I looked I had a reader in Bulgaria and another in Uganda. Not sure I believe that. They certainly aren't coming for the cats.

tory said...

lol, exact same thing happened to me :P
unfortunately mine can't come inside, cuz my Dad's allergic :(