Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekend review...

I'm becoming more and more sporadic around here. I have a feeling that it's because I've given so many other people a hard time about not blogging. I'll call it Blogarma.

It's been a whirlwind this past weekend, so let's get you caught up:
  • Tuesday & Wednesday were two of the best youth nights we had this year. I hope that the momentum carries forward in weeks to come.
  • Thursday I jumped a plane for Manitoba and during a 2.5 hour layover had supper with a friend a I hadn't seen since college.
  • Finally arrived in Winnipeg and then headed off to Portage where we got in around 1:30am.
  • Hung out with family. My nephew is an absolute hoot.
  • Officiated for a 50th wedding anniversary renewal ceremony for my aunt and uncle. It was so cool to see the family & friends that came out to support them and to celebrate with them all.
  • Went to the Bombers/Tigercats game on Sunday. What a joke! You always hope your team will show up when a game really matters, but this was ridiculous. The biggest cheers came for Troy Westwood when he punted for SINGLE points.
  • Although the game was a mess, it was great to hang out with my dad and brother-in-law for the day.
  • Jumped a flight back to Abbotsford, but had to share the Winnipeg airport with the Hamilton Tigercats. Salt on an open wound.
  • Spent a few minutes catching up with Josh and Brad via phone calls during my layover in Calgary.
  • Arrived back home around 11:30pm...1:30pm Manitoba time.
  • Now I'm home with a sick boy who is recovering from H1N1.


Tammy said...

Give him a hug for us. We know what it is like we just got over it as well as Malakai.

Philbert said...

Hey, have you read 'Why We're Not Emergent"?

knotter said...

Tammy...thanks. Hope you guys are all better now.

Phil...yeah. I think I put a review on here somewhere.