Saturday, August 18, 2007

Days in review...

I worked on a few blog posts this past week about a variety of experiences that have taken place lately. And while I usually operate on the belief that I should "think it, write it, post it", this time I have apparently decided to add the phrase "sit on it".

In lieu of that, here's some randomness:
  • Celebrated 9 years of marriage to this lovely, not the blog, but the woman who writes the blog
  • This is the coolest looking Joker pic ever...but it's a fake
  • Watched my first live MLB game...don't tell anyone, but I actually enjoyed watching a ballgame
  • Got cussed out by a homeless man because I wouldn't just give him a coupon for the grocery store and instead offered to get him some food...there's a blog post simmering on this one
  • Found out I get a free month of Setanta via my satellite provider...but after that I'm out $15 a month to keep it
  • I'm on night 2 of a three night marathon of youth events
  • Stumbled on this site about NHL logos which keeps track of all the changes teams are making this year...go here to design your own jersey
  • My team hasn't won a game...but the Manchester derby is tomorrow
  • Took part Thursday in my first official soccer practice in over 2 years...too bad there were only 5 guys

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