Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In the Margins...

I picked up Jesus In the Margins after I had read Rick McKinley's second book This Beautiful Mess. This book identifies with me based on this phrase alone that is found on the cover:

"Welcome to the crowded margins of life. It's a place where normal people don't feel normal."

This book is for those who have felt like an outsider; for those who feel like they don't fit or won't fit; for those who don't connect or can't connect; for those who know they don't have it all together; for those who feel like they are the only one.

It's an easy read. It's not overly profound. If you've grown up "in the church" you've probably heard most of this before. But it's an encouraging reminder to meet Jesus as we are rather than hiding in the margins until we get our life together.

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