Friday, August 10, 2007

To the Summit...

Around this time every year a pile of people plop down in a church sanctuary with a pile of other people who call themselves leaders in order to listen to famous people who are called leaders talk about what it means to be a leader. It's Willow Creek's Leadership Summit.

I'm not knocking it, because you can definitely get some good stuff out of it. And I have gotten some stuff out of it...none of which I'm actually going to blog about. I think it's for my head and my journal right now and for our staff round table discussions, but it's not ready for consumption by the blogging world. It's too much to handle.

I think I just laughed at myself...

Anyway, I will share with you the high point of the Summit so far (punny, eh?): Erik Mongrain. I blogged about this guy before (see here) and I nearly jumped out of my seat when they introduced him. He played 2 songs and it was cooler than watching him on YouTube. If you haven't seen him or listened, do me a favor and watch a video. Your mind will be blown. If it isn't I will refund your money.

I do believe I may be one of the only Summit bloggers to not write a single blog post about anything any of the speakers said.

Somebody give me an award.


Bryce said...

Erik Mongrain was at Leadership Summit??? Very cool and would have been worth the price of admission but why was Erik there???

Knotter said...

The person who introduced him talked about how we as leaders need to be innovative and then she mentioned that Erik has been innovative with his guitar playing techniques.

But I think it was to comply with the Canadian content regulations of the CRTC.