Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've been having trouble with my blog template lately and it doesn't seem to want to update my reading/listening lists properly, so I've instead opted for a post dedicated entirely to what's been playing on the car stereo lately.

The Cobalt Season
"In Search of a Unified Theory"
I've loved the honest lyrics but I'll admit that at times the songs are a bit depressing. It's kind of a folksy-acoustic-guitar-with-some-piano type of sound that definitely puts me in a pondering type of mood. Depressing yet peaceful...does that even go together?
Notable: Unified Theory, Begin Again

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
"Live at Radio City"
You probably know of my unashamed love for all things Dave Matthews, but this collaboration with Tim Reynolds is a great follow up to their last release "Live at Luther College". Two acoustics and some very experimental Reynolds-ish sounds combined with Dave's typical style gives you some very cool guitar moments. The only bummer is that Dave talks a bit too much and he's not the most eloquent speaker. But if you love acoustic guitar, you'll enjoy listening to this one.
Notable: Save Me, #41

Dustin Kensrue
"Please Come Home"
He's the lead singer of Thrice, but don't expect a rocking album. Lots of acoustic and great lyrics and some Johnny Cash-ish type moments. This album has definitely been the most played lately for me.
Notable: Please Come Home, Consider the Ravens, I Believe

Relient K
"Five Score and Seven Years Ago"
I wasn't a big fan of these guys until I saw them live last year. They are by far one of the most entertaining shows I've seen. Catchy tunes, deeper lyrics, and just plain old fun. Good driving tunes.
Notable: Up and Up, Devastation and Reborn, Come Right Out and Say It

Erik Mongrain
This guy is an absolutely amazing musician. There's no lyrics, so I find this is great background music when I'm in the office.
Notable: Air Tap!


Tara said...

I saw a fabulous video of you today... you make an amazing dancing queen. I am so impressed.

Kerry S. said...

Love the new Dave album and the Dustin Kensrue album. Good to see you bloggin bro. You have great taste, if I must say so myself. BTW, thanks for the prayers. Much appreciated.