Wednesday, February 06, 2008

6 questions...

I'm wondering what you think...
  1. What happens when you mix 40 people, 7 lbs of marshmallows and carpet?
  2. How do you remove the remnants of the above concoction?
  3. Does Ogopogo really exist?I have a date on Friday.
  4. What does one do on a date?
  5. If a rattlesnake fought a Smurf, who would win?
  6. What movies should I rent tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

1. You get a rug that would taste good if left over an open fire for a while.
2. See answer to number 1.
3. I don't know.
4. If Ogopogo shows up to said date than you take pictures and shock the world, if you you get stood up by Ogopogo on this date than you at least have the "it doesn't really exist" excuse to save face.
5. If this smurf was Papa Smurf I'd give him a fighting chance because of his magic potions. If it were any other Smurf I think the rattlesnake would get a snack that tastes similar to my answer for number 1. For some reason I've always thought Smurfs would taste like dirty marshmallows. Maybe it's their resemblance to Peeps.
6. Good ones that don't suck.

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Tara said...

1. youth group
2. you don't.
3. of COURSE the Ogopogo exists. I saw him myself ... according to my mother... when I was a year old.
4. I have no idea what you do on a date. I haven't been on one is years.
5. Rattlesnake. Unless it was Papa Smurf. Then he would take that snake down.
6. I don't even know what movies are out these days...sorry.

Knotter said...

I just realized that "I have a date" ended up with question #3. I hope you all understand that Ogopogo's existence has nothing to do with the fact that I have a date tomorrow.

I apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

Anonymous said...

Your clarification for number 3 would have been very helpful in answering number 3, as the way you phrased it lead me to believe you did in fact have a date with Ogopogo. Obviously my answers were shaped by that misunderstanding. I can see how it would have been terribly awkward for your wife to find out you were dating a mythical lizard through your blog so I appologize for any hysteria I may have caused.

Knotter said...

It's ok. I still have the date (not with Ogopogo), so it all works out in the end.

Anonymous said...

1.) We call that the Jr. High service down here in Arizona.

2.) If you figure this one out, then you should write a book, or a pamphlet or someting.

3.) I think it does.

4.) Go see U2 3D.

5.) A snake could take down a cat, they could hardly ever avoid a cat, therefore a snake would take a smurf.

6.) U2 3D