Thursday, February 28, 2008

Buy me...

Ryan (the intern) walked into my office last Wednesday with this pronouncement: "I have a challenge for you."

I should have said no and told him to get back to work. Instead I entertained his thought and it wasn't long until it became a reality. It has now spiraled and morphed into a monster all its own and I can no longer contain it or manage it.

Here's the deal.

Facebook has an application called "Friends For Sale". You buy someone and their worth increases. They buy you and you make money. The more buying and selling that takes place, the more that things spiral out of control.

Well, Ryan threw down the challenge and said we should have a 2 week challenge to try and see who would be worth the most. And then at end of those 2 weeks the person who loses would be forced to eat pudding. The catch? The loser will lie on the floor of the Youth Centre while the pudding is dropped from the balcony.

So we announced it to teh students and we are now just over 1 week into the challenge. And guess what? I'm currently losing.

But I'm not beyond asking for your help. Please buy me. Please save me from the humiliation that will come from being fed that pudding. Save my student from the horrific sight of seeing their pastor, mentor and hero in life humiliated.

It's for a good cause. And if it helps you, Ryan likes pudding. So, go buy me.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to buy you Mike, but you're a little out of my price range.