Monday, February 25, 2008


My wife: "Does everyone know that you're supposed to shoot a zombie in the head to kill it?"

Me: "Uh...yeah"

Since you are included in "everyone", I would like to know if you were aware of this zombie fact?


Tara said...

no... I had no idea. none. In fact it never even occurred to me to wonder.

Amazing isn't it?

Knotter said...

Ok, so maybe this sis just common knowledge to the male population. Ask Doug if he knows.

Amy said...

I didn't know how to kill a zombie either, but now I know so I'm prepared in case I ever run into one.

unmentionables said...

I just asked Blaine and he looked at with that "Duh!" look. "You shoot them in the head" he says. Me, Zombies never really spiked my interest until I watched I am legend. Now it is good to know.

Knotter said...

Obviously a guy thing.

Any other guys want to help me out here?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's common knowledge.
According to my zombie-killing video-game experiences, things basically work out like this:
Head-shot = instant death
Shotgun blast = 1 or 2 body shots will do
Regular Handgun = 5 or 6 shots
I'm SO hoping this comes up in my ordination interview in May...

Nick said...

common knowledge. Of course, don't rule out the body shots. A well placed shot to the arm that's swinging the axe buys you some time to get a clean shot at the head.

the Doug said...

the ordaining council in my district skipped this series of questions. And yes I knew (and even if I didn't... would I admit it here?)

Kevin I said...

Technically it's about destroying or severly imparing the brain and it is the only remaining "functioning" (in the traditional sense) organ in their body. Even their digestion system is no longer functioning which is why they are so terrifying, they eat of of an intense desire and comulsion to eat, but their body doesn't actually need to eat.

That being said while destroying the wisest way to destroy a zombie, it is not the only way on a technical level.

Fire works too, except that you've turned a threat into a threat that is also on fire. This will only work if it burns clear through to the muscle and disables it. The zombie may still be alive though in the strictest sense, and as long as it has the capacity to work it's jaws, it is still a threat.

Dismemberment works if you also remove the lower jaw, it stops the threat even though the zombie continues in it's unlife. This is entirely unpractical unless you plan on leading the zombie on as some sort of bizzare pet.

Shots to the body a completley and utterly worthless. There is no functioning organ in there, and even if you manage to split them in half the top half remains a credible threat.

You can crush them, bomb them, hit them with a machete. drop them in acid, launch them into orbit, and certain sonic and electrical weapons. So yes shooting them in the head is the most practical and available means of destroying a zombie, but anything that destroys the brain can function as well, it's not the only means.

This is of course only for the biological zombies. For voodoo and mystical zombies there is a whole other set of rules (but to cover those bases you have to destroy the person or thing that caused the zombification or controls the zombies)

For more information please consult The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, or for these principles in action check out World War Z by Max Brooks.

And always remember, Organize before they Rise