Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Enlarge your peer circle...

It's crazy this week. I'm in one of those stretches that sees me committed four nights in a row to church stuff. I should probably be committed to agreeing to this.

But I found some time this morning between filling out an email interview for one of my leaders and planning marshmallow games for my high schoolers (don't ask) to read a few blogs. And this one by Mr Crowder cracked me up.

It was his answer to a question (it's #6 of 15 if you're trying to find it) on his website as to why alcohol was being served at a concert they played in Cincinnati.

Here's part of his elaborate response:

i might add, both historically and currently, there are many people who love jesus, and follow him, that also enjoy alcohol regularly. if you have not encountered these people first hand, you should attempt to enlarge your peer circle and i think you’ll get a clearer picture of the diversity of the body of christ.


John MacArthur ... or the skinny fat guy - take your pick said...

I originally thought that this post had something to do with Penis enlargement - until I realized that it was titled "enlarge your PEER circle" rather than "enlarge your PEE circle".
I can't believe that there are Christians out there that drink alcohol - next they will be playing guitars, having sex with their wives somewhere other than their bedrooms and using marshmellows for youth ministry games!! This GOSH DARN emergent movement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for introducing me the Mr. Crowder's blog. I had no idea of it's existence and now my world will never be the same.

I like the answer to number six, but I think his answer to "What's in the fridge?" was one of my favorite responses to any question in a while. Who'd have thought Mitt Romney lived in his fridge?

Tara said...

now THAT was an excellent response. well done.

Knotter said...

I always figured Mitt Romney for a fridge dweller.

As for you Mr Mac, I have no desire to hear about your sexcapades or your thoughst on youth ministry.