Friday, September 19, 2008

Flip the page...

Book #38 - It by Craig Groeschel
I picked this up at Leadership Summit. I don't find Craig to be the most profound author, yet I'm constantly intrigued by some of his ideas and I find that he gives me a creative boost. I have been trying to read a chapter each morning in the office so I can get my brain into cruising speeds.

The book focuses on the "it" factor. It's when you step inside a church, you look around and you know that they have "it". You know that they are doing something right.

He unpacks what people tend to mean by "it" and works through some basic principles for how you can have "it" and keep "it".

I'm currently balancing Craig (who I think would adhere to a church policy of dream it, build it, try it) out with George Barna & Frank Viola's Pagan Christianity. Talk about two completely different perspectives of how to do church. I'm halfway through it, so the review will be up eventually.


Jilliefl1 said...

The sequel to “Pagan Christianity?” is out now. It’s called “Reimagining Church”. It picks up where “Pagan Christianity” left off and continues the conversation. (“Pagan Christianity” was never meant to be a stand alone book; it’s part one of the conversation.) “Reimagining Church” is endorsed by Leonard Sweet, Shane Claiborne, Alan Hirsch, and many others. You can read a sample chapter at
It’s also available on Frank is also blogging now at Also, have you seen the spoof video for "Pagan"? Very funny. Check it out at

Knotter said...

Thanks for the heads up. I may not have needed another book to read, but I imagine this one will find its way on to my shelf too.