Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vacation review (part 6)...

August 20

We wrapped up the trip with some more time on the beach and by doing some more snorkeling.

And in case you ever want to see a turtle, here's some advice. Just sit on the beach until someone yells "turtle".

Yup...I actually took that photo myself. I'm a regular oceanographer (that's the one that takes photos in the ocean right?).

After checking out we stored our gear, jumped in the Jeep and went exploring.

There is more beauty around every bend on this island. (The girl on the right is by far prettier than the goof on the left.)

One final sunset before heading for the airport.

I don't think our flight left until after 11:00pm Maui time. I tried to watch Iron Man on the airplane since that was the first time I've ever been on a plane that showed a decent movie during the flight. But I didn't make it.

And guess what we arrived home to?

You guessed it...rain. It felt like winter here.

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