Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday tunings...

A few random items for your reading enjoyment.
  • Maybe it's just me, but the new season of Prison Break is horrible. It has now been removed from my "watch this" list.
  • I was recently selected to participate in a blog tour for an upcoming book release. I'll post some more info fairly soon. The official tour happens in October.
  • Student Ministry "stuff" (that's pastoral lingo for you) kicks off tomorrow night. I still have a handful of leaders in limbo while they decide whether or not to commit to the upcoming year. I'm hoping we get it sorted out soon. Nothing quite like waiting to the last minute, eh?
  • Watched "Fringe". I may watch episode 2 tonight. Kind of like X-Files meets I, Robot.
Curious, what new shows are you watching this fall?


Tara said...

new shows??? um... well... I watched "Animal Mechanicals" for the first time today... does that count?

I honestly have NO idea what shows are going to be on this fall!!

Knotter said...

Fringe was unable to captivate me during episode 2. It's now in a list with Prison Break.