Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The night before...

I've been working on a few work related things tonight.  I'm still trying to play catch up after a crazy Monday that saw me unable to complete anything on my "to do" list.  (Seriously, how hard is it to complete a message outline?!?!)

And now I'm in that strange mood the night before I'm supposed to teach at youth and I'm wondering if my message is even going to be ready to go by tomorrow night.  (You've been there right?)

I'm starting off a 3 week series that we're calling PROXIMITY.  The big idea for tomorrow is that we are meant to be in "proximity" to other people and we want to see students growing close to others.

But since I haven't taught a full message to my students since June, I'm feeling a little rusty.  And a little brain-fried.  And more than a little distracted.

And I'm wondering if this was the right message to kick off with, or if I should have started with our week two message that is about being in "proximity" to God and growing close to Him.

Yeah, great things to be considering the NIGHT before, eh?

And I'm blitzed.  Oh I hope this isn't a gong show...

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