Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday is Friday...

Fall is officially underway.

The kids both started school this week. We had a mild scare yesterday around 5:00pm when the principal called to say they and switched Becca into a different class. No discussion, no questions asked. They just switched her.

Well, after Erin and I talked it over we decided that we should at least meet face to face to talk the decision over. We felt that the class she was in was much better suited for her personality and that relationally she would fit better in her current class.

So we called to express our concerns and the principal agreed to meet with all three of us this morning. But this morning the principal called and said that she had considered what we had said. She decided that Becca could stay in her current class.


I think Becca's prayer time tonight consisted of repetitions of "thank you that I get to stay in my class". There's at least two happy parents too.

Other than that, soccer is kicking off (EPL, Aidan and myself), youth is gearing up, kick-off events are around the corner, and the nights are starting to disappear. I've also been asked if I would consider leading a worship team (other than our student band) for the upcoming year.

Yeah...lots to sort through still.

So, what are you most looking forward to this fall?

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