Monday, September 15, 2008

What hit me...

I spent the day at home on the couch since I'm feeling like I was run over by a truck or something.  I was up, my mind racing, until after 3:30am.  When I finally stumbled out of bed this morning I wasn't too sure that a full work day was on my list of things that needed to be accomplished.  Erin said I wasn't looking good either (and normally she thinks I'm fairly good looking).

So, it was back to bed with me.

And then when I dragged myself out of bed I found my place on the couch.

My afternoon consisted of some reading and watching half a season of "How I Met Your Mother".

And to top it all off it's 27 degrees outside.

So, what do you do when you're sick?
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Tara said...

what do I do when I am sick? I carry on with my life as though nothing had changed at all. I take care of my kids, attempt to keep my house together, take lots of meds, whine and dream longingly of the days where I could crawl back into bed when I was sick.

You know... the days BEFORE I became the mom.

unmentionables said...

The only times I get sick is when I am really, really sick. It is times like those that I let everything go and die on the couch.