Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anybody want a peanut...

Backstory: I'm allergic to peanuts (amongst a pile of other things)

So, last night I get home from middle school youth. I'm hungry, so I decide to have a sandwich since Erin has all the supplies out and is making lunches for the kids. I opt for this new flaked ham mixed with pesto dip. Looks good.

A couple of bites in and I notice that the inside of my mouth feels like someone is either A. trying to light my mouth on fire or B. trying to stab every part of the inside of my mouth with a million tiny little pins.

Yep. Allergic reaction. It's my first one since high school.

Turns out that the dip actually contained trace amounts of peanuts. A fact that was conveniently hidden on the label in font size of -5 and covered up by a coupon sticker.

Alas, I am alive and well.

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Jon Coutts said...

wow, that's crazy. i'm actually impressed you've gone so long without an incident like that. you've probably eaten more trace elements of poo than peanuts in the last 10 years!