Monday, October 19, 2009

Concert review...

Last night the David Crowder*Band rocked out at Sevenoaks. Their only stop north of the border and we got to play host.

Let's not mention the fact that security was acting like they were guarding U2 and that one guy even tried to kick me out of the building for using my keys.

Anyways. The concert was loud, smelly and a little squishy, but it was fun. 14 of us got early admission and crammed ourselves into the front row just to prove how cool we are. (Unfortunately when the crowd rushed the stage, our front row seats quickly became fifth row seats.)

Highlight #1: "How He Loves" Sweet song. 'Nuf said.

Highlight #2: Erin becoming a Danyew groupie. (In reality she was just talking with the 2 man band and taking photos for a couple of our girls.)

Highlight #3: Seabird. Not only did their guitarist Ryan hook one of our middle school guys up with free tickets after they were talking in the parking lot after church, but they were great. Buy their album. You will not be disappointed.

Highlight #4: I'm in this photo that was taken by the band. Can you find me?

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