Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soccer Saturday...

Our team is coming off a 10-0 win last Saturday and I think we were gearing up for today's game against one of the top team's in the league. We've slowly been settling in to the new season, and I think we might start doing better than last year if all our guys show up and stay healthy.

But today we arrive at the field to find the game has been canceled. Apparently it's too wet. Yeah, so it's raining. But no more than a typical fall/winter day in the Lower Mainland. So, if they cancel this, I think they should probably cancel the rest of the season too.

Oh well. We got in a little practice and a short run, so I should count myself lucky to have some more relax time.

In other footballing news, condolences to all you Liverpool fans. That goal today was a farce. Kind of funny, but still a farce.

Don't know what I'm talking about do a Google search for "Liverpool beach ball goal".

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