Monday, October 12, 2009

Turkey Day...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you're enjoying some decent time with family or friends.

I'm lacking the energy and creativity to do anything substantial here, so I'll just give you a little update.
  • I've been listening to 2 albums regularly lately. Hope Rising by Fee and Church Music by David Crowder*Band. Both are worth buying.
  • Preached about surrendering to Jesus in church yesterday.
  • Erin baptized one of our high school girls during the service. She's scared to death of crowds and public speaking, she surrendered and went through with it.
  • So cool to see a pile of paper at the foot of the cross representing the things people were surrendering to Jesus.
  • Went out to play photographer's assistant while Erin took family pictures for some friends.
  • Got shot by an airsoft gun. (Thanks Cheryl, for gifting Erin with a firearm.)
  • We went to a late showing of Couples Retreat. Not phenomenal, but kind of funny. It contains some interesting conversation starters about marriage and relationships.
  • Eating turkey tonight with the upstairs neighbors (Erin's parents, in case you didn't know).
  • Leading worship in church next week.
  • Planning on playing some guitar today.
  • Anticipating the David Crowder*Band concert next Sunday night.

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