Monday, October 26, 2009

Books #35-38

I am so far behind on my reading, that I'm almost embarrassed.

Last night I conceded defeat to my lovely wife as I have no hope of catching her reading tally for the year (unless she stops reading and I start referring to emails as "books"). I'm already 10 (or probably a trillion) books behind her, and when you factor in the early birthday present I got yesterday (any guesses?), there's no chance of making this a decent competition.

To prove that I'm semi-literate here's what I have read in the last few months:

Cherry Bomb
J.A. Konrath

I read all his previous work and was enjoying most of it. This one does not enter that category. I contemplated not even finishing it, and that's a sign that a book isn't working for me.

Crazy Good Sex
Les Parrott

I'm married and I'm male. Enough said.

A book that looks at some of the common myths that men believe about sex.

Stop the Traffik
Steve Chalke & Cherie Blair

I'm part of a team that's designing a service to raise awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This book contains some great info & stats about what's happening (or in some cases, not happening) around the world with human trafficking. And if you think sex trafficking just happens in other countries on the other side of the ocean, you might want to show up for the service on November 29th. It will hopefully open your eyes and hearts.

The Youth Worker Book of Hope
Tim Baker

Anyone in youth ministry has experienced the down side of working with students. Maybe it was an event that flopped, a student who made poor decisions, a firing, a neglected spouse...the list goes on. This book is a collection of stories written by youth workers who experienced some of these moments and what they learned from them. A quality resource to remind you that you are not alone in what you do and that there is hope.

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