Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Youth Ministry Rollercoasters...

The Up:

Tonight I walked (ok, maybe "ran" is more appropriate) my high schoolers through Hosea in an attempt to show them what love is and to remind them that they themselves are loved. As we discussed Hosea's love for Gomer and God's love for Israel and ultimately how we are loved one of our newest high school girls lights up with this gem:

" all makes sense."

I make no attempt to take credit for this. In fact, I would say that this was one of my worst teaching nights. I rambled, I felt rushed, and I just tried to get too much in. But God still used it.

The Down:

I saw a tweet about Mark Oestreicher leaving Youth Specialties. Then I found the press release on the YS website. I love Marko and all he's done for the student ministry world. There's no doubt he'll be missed and I hope that he still remains involved in impacting the student world.

And the press release is vague (at best) and completely frustrating and I can't help but remember a little video Marko & Tic Long made back when Zondervan first bought YS. It seemed to be a funny little video that now looks to have contained a little bit of prophetic truth.

But I can't find the video. Go figure.

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