Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet spots...

I'm working my way through "Me to We" by Alan Nelson. The basic idea is that churches need to move away from pastor-centered ministries and work more on mobilizing people. Sure, it's something most of us have heard a thousand times, but we are terrible when it comes to follow through.

A pile of stuff is jumping out at me and getting my brain going. Here's a few:

"When pastors try to do things outside their sweet spot, everyone suffers." (37)

"If the body works right, everyone should be doing what they're best at three-fourths of the time--and that includes the pastor." (38)

In an attempt to get some lively conversation going, here's a few questions for you to consider:
  1. What are you currently doing that is outside your "sweet spot"?

  2. Is it possible (or even necessary) to make changes to what you are currently doing?


Tammy said...

This is non church related however God has really been working on our hearts to start a kids club here in our "village". It is scary because it would be with ages 9-11 not the normal "teen" age that we feel comfortable with. Is that out of our sweet spot? I do believe so.

jonathan said...

On monday night at church a group of us watched a video from Leadership Summit 2007 called "Go Put Your Strengths to Work" by marcus buckingham. I think it follows the same train of thought you're into here - except it mostly focused on the individual. Track it down if you get a chance.
Personally, I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about this - and here's some random thoughts:
1) As a pastor, I have quite a bit of guilt about the things I'm bad at or I'm not doing at all... the funny thing is that I've begun to realize that 99% of the congregation, 99% of the time really doesn't care about my weaknesses.
2) I don't think I could ever be a "solo pastor" as it's traditionally been done - and I'm not alone in my generation. Small-ish rural churches are really going to need to rein-vision leadership if they're going to find pastors to come work with them. (I've been reading a bit about APEPT leadership - Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers - and it just makes a lot more sense then what I often see in the church).
3) What happens if you've think you've found your "sweet spot", but nobody else agrees?

jon said...

i will spend the entirety of my day at work tomorrow outside my sweet spot.