Saturday, May 17, 2008


I hope you don't see me as arrogant.
Even though I'm better than you.
(I'm totally know that right?)

I read a blog today that frustrated me and it oozed arrogance.
That "I'm better than you because I did this" kind of thing.

If I come across as arrogant, could you please smack me?

What frustrates you when you read blogs?


bradley said...

If you're talking about me ... your dead meat (who says 'dead meat' anymore?) O.K. i think I'm off the hook because I haven't posted the last couple of days.

what annoys me is people who won't even acknowledge that I'm around. An example - the parent who picks up their child who's in the same class as my child every single day ... and doesn't acknowledge that I exist ... even after I say "hello" to him. Everyday it's like it's the first time he's ever seen me.

Tara said...

I hate pay-per-post ads on blogs. They annoy me.

unmentionables said...

I get totally paranoid when I read someones blog and they are making a negative comment about an anonymous blog that they read :<) Blogs are misleading. You can never hear the tone or humor that is intended by the author. I would hate to come across as arrogant.

Knotter said...

Maybe I should have linked the blog?

Nah...that'd be no fun. But I'll let my regular readers off the hook. It isn't you!

Tammy, how'd the Beckham jersey work out? Too bad I wasn't around. I could have loaned him a REAL jersey instead of something with some second rate sell out named Beckham!

Totally kidding by the way. About Becks, that is. I would happily loan you a jersey any day.

Knotter said...

Incidentally, if I got paid-per-post, I'd post WAY more than I do now. Yes, my scruples are that low. Thanks for asking.

unmentionables said...

Lets just say that the jersey was good enough for a bunch of grade 2 kids. Blaine sure got a laugh out of it when he came home. I take all the blame for not being true "Sports fanatic" parents.

jon said...

knotter, on my blog i have posted a picture of drogba, and i sincerely hope that it annoys you all week. and if they beat manU on wednesday i will keep it up even longer, so that the arrogance can annoy you even further.

ha ha ha . . . (evil laughter fades into the background).

Knotter said...

That's the wonder of using Google Reader. I don't need to see your picture of "Diver of the Year"!