Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teens & BO...

One of the things I've learned over my years of working with teenagers is that they can smell bad. If you haven't experienced the odors that can emanate from a group of middle schoolers, please count yourself lucky.

Lately, we've been noticing a rise in the smells at our youth events. (I mean a literal rise as you can actually see the smell before it arrives at your nasal passage.) There are a few students that obviously have not been educated in regards to proper social hygiene and it's becoming slightly awkward.

We're trying to think of how we can approach the issue without hurting feelings while at the same time trying to prevent what could become "social suicide". It's obvious to many, but so far no one has complained or "made a big stink" about it.

My intern suggested asking some deodorant-making companies for free samples that we could give away, so we may look into that.

But, do you have any other ideas or suggestions of what we could do to educate these students without making them feel singled out?

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jon said...

one of the most memorable, and also i think admirable, moments in my freshman year was being there when an upperclassman at college approach a freshman friend of mine and in the most gracious, straightforward, honest, genuine, and even "cool" way i could ever have imagined, came into the room, threw the guy some deodorant, and said with a gentle grin and a compassionate chuckle, "here, dude, you gotta start wearing this."

its like i tell my friends at school here, if i go into the washroom and see i have food in my teeth and it is well after i've eaten anything, i am offended that none of my friends bothered to tell me. friends don't let friends reek, or walk around with their flys open or stuff in their teeth.

its tough love, baby, or it ain't love at all.