Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday review...

My students (and probably leaders) are reaching their limit. They've been going strong for the past year and it's getting to that point in the calendar when everyone gets a little restless. Students start disappearing for grads, schoolwork and jobs. Some college students vanish for the summer while others return home to help out.

So we decided to take a breather and do things old school with "A Night of Play".

Middle School and High School all together for one purpose and one purpose only, to PLAY.

No worship team set up & take down, no MediaShout, no random videos.

No "talk" to somehow redeem the evening.

The goal was to play, relax, laugh and just BE together.

But somewhere in that mix I completely missed something. And I feel like a complete idiot, because it's something that should be common sense by now. As soon as I tell you what it is you will likely shake you head and say "tsk, tsk, had it coming old man."

Allow me to back up a little bit.

One of our leaders brought us a giant box of packing peanuts. I decided to throw all our prizes in the box so kids could walk up to the stage, reach in and grab a random item. We put Coke, mini-cereal boxes, silly putty and candy into the box. My wife and I also found water guns on sale, so we tossed a few of those (by few, I mean 10) into the mix.

Yeah...water guns. What was I thinking?!?!

Almost 75% of our students left the premises with water on them. I was drenched from head to toe. There was water EVERYWHERE! And I'm not talking about outside. We pretty much had an all out water war inside the Youth Centre.

And let me tell you that it sure was funny.

So, now you tell me...was this a rookie mistake or did I actually know what I was doing?

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