Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random Tuesdayness...

Just in case you wanted to know:
  • I think "Greatest Hits" CDs are one of the biggest scams in the music industry. Please keep in mind that this comes from a big Dave Matthews fan who has yet to shell out coin for "The Best of What's Around" although the fact that it comes with a second disc of live songs would justify the spending.
  • Is it just me or is "Christian music" actually getting worse?
  • I saw Indiana Jones 4 last night with my small group. I was oddly perplexed, confused, fascinated, annoyed and entertained by the entire experience.
  • I ate cereal for breakfast. While you likely do not find it noteworthy, I do have two little known facts that will make this information more memorable for you: (1) it's been almost 6 years since I have eaten cereal because I think that breakfast is one of the biggest scams going (up there with greatest hits CDs) and (2) I ate Indiana Jones cereal.
  • I need to write some book reviews, plan a games night for my students and generally catch up on emails after my last 4 days off of work.
  • You will hear from me again shortly
  • What did YOU eat for breakfast?


unmentionables said...

I had a very healthy for you - homemade banana, strawberry, vanilla yogurt smoothie. YUM!

jon said...

This Tuesdayness post was fantastic.

i agree about greatest hits CDS but not breakfast.

yeah, i find pretty much any "christian music" i have heard in the last decade to be pretty much awful, unfortunately.

Knotter said...

I save some of my best ideas for Tuesdays. That's is a little known fact.